The Glenlivet Founders Reserve

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Country: Schottland,
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Whiskey 40% vol.

The Speysider from the Livet River Valley, matured in ex-bourbon casks, is definitely also suitable for whisky beginners. Soft, vanilla and finely nuanced sweetness on the nose, discreetly fruity (cherry and pineapple). Smooth, well-proportioned, minimalist, soft, malt, vanilla, light oak, toasted grain on the palate. The finish is short, lightly plumy, carried by grain.

Founder George Smith worked tirelessly to create a unique whisky that still sets the standard for taste as well as quality. The location between the hills and the numerous springs offered an ideal hiding place from customs officials and soldiers. Here George was undisturbed and could slowly distil a whisky that would soon become world famous.

Storage conditions

Store in a cool place away from light