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Flowered Melanzani striped

approx 400 g
Fresh from the farm
cca € 2,16 € 5,39 /kg
Country: Austria,

The striped or "mackerel" melanzani are a mix of the black "black oval" and the Tonda di Firenze. Their properties are also here. Like the Tonda, they are perfect for grilling and for the oven. Baba Ganoush or Veggie Burger Pattie. Here you can let off steam. Its somewhat firmer flesh comes more from the black oval. The taste is a little sweeter than its black sister. Thanks to its bright white and sweet flesh, which does not turn brown quickly, and its quasi seedlessness, it has a steadily growing fan base.



Fresh local vegetables from Vienna's first aquaponics farm


Fresh high-quality vegetables from Wiens are not a novelty to begin with. Vienna, or Austria, is one of the pioneers of local self-sufficiency in Europe. However, vegetables from Austria's first aquaponics plant go several steps further! Closed cycles, resource-saving production, the smallest possible CO2 footprint and few food miles. This really is a holistic package that is only available from BLÜN. In addition to technical innovation, the Blün gardeners only grow specialities and peculiarities, old varieties in contemporary cultivation. Just try it!

Resource-saving circular economy with full flavour


The Viennese start-up BLÜN produces fish and vegetables in a sustainable circular economy, this system is called aquaponics and works like this: The BLÜN fish grow up slowly in Viennese high-spring water. The water in the basins is exchanged to a certain extent every day, but instead of simply being drained away, it is reused as a source of nutrients for the vegetable plants next door - this is how our juicy tomatoes, crunchy peppers and aromatic melanzani are produced, which taste like being on holiday in the south but actually come from very close by.