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Unlike white cabbage, red cabbage has smaller, very firm heads and the purple-violet colour of the leaves, which is due to a high anthocyanin content. The leaves of the round head vary in colour depending on the variety, with the outer leaves often showing a green-red sheen. The cabbage flavour of red cabbage is more typical, even slightly more subtle than that of white cabbage.

Cultivation - Origin

Just a few kilometres from the Danube lies Rust in the Tullnerfeld. A small place but an oasis for vegetable growing. Vegetables have been grown here for many generations.

Such is the case on the farm of Michael Bauer.

The wind blows over the leaves of the cabbage, a speciality of the farm, but many other vegetables also thrive on the fertile and deep soils. Pumpkins in all colours, courgettes in green and yellow, various turnips, leeks and green beans..... and every conceivable type of cabbage vegetable.

The farm is run as a "mixed farm". Arable farming, livestock farming and market gardening thus complement each other positively.

A natural cycle is created and forms the basis for near-natural agriculture.

We live with and from nature, every day.