Styrian chicken ready to roast

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Country: Austria,
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The whole Styrian chicken from Lugitsch is the perfect Sunday roast for the nutrition-conscious. It comes ready to roast, i.e. with neck, heart and stomach. For roasting as a whole in the tube or on the grill, or even released by you for a perfect baked chicken.

The best from the region. If the Steirerhuhn Klassik could, it would wear leather trousers and a Styrian hat - .strong>full taste and best quality characterise the classic from Styria. The chicken is a true original - raised in bottom-raised on the farms of regional contract farmers and fed exclusively with high-quality feed .

About the producer:

As only Austrian company Lugitsch's feed mill and the poultry farm work together in a closed loop and cooperate with selected, regional poultry farms.poultry farm work together in a closed cycle and cooperate with selected, regional contract farmers. In this way, we strengthen value creation in the region. This holistic approach guarantees full traceability, transparent production and consistent quality - from on-farm husbandry to feeding to the finest food. Our philosophy is based on open and honest communication with our customers and suppliers.Regionality,sustainable business and handshake quality are among our strengths.

Packaging type:

foiled on cup

Kitchen hygiene:

Kitchen hygiene is important: Keep the cold chain, store separately from other products, work cleanly, heat through before consumption!

Storage conditions:

Store refrigerated at 0°C to +4°C, consume immediately after opening.


Herbert Lugitsch u. Söhne Ges.mbH

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