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Käsemacher Olives stuffed with cream cheese

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The olives from DIE KÄSEMACHER come from the Chalkidiki region in northern Greece. Since ancient times, they have been known for their fresh taste and crunchy texture. Dry, hot summers and cool winters, with temperatures just below freezing, influence the special quality of these fruits. The Chalkidiki olive has a very full flavour and a firm consistency with a pleasant sour and slightly bitter taste.

With its full-bodied, acidic and slightly bitter taste, the Chalkidiki olive is particularly suitable as an accompaniment to light, sparkling white wines. As a snack with wine or as an ingredient in salads or as a spicy filling for white meat - their uses are many and varied.

About the manufacturer:

With a lot of love and according to proven tradition, DIE KÄSEMACHER produce a wide variety of cheeses and antipasti specialities in the unspoilt high plateau of the Waldviertel.

The prerequisite for this is careful milk production in harmony with nature. The master cheesemakers refine this valuable raw material by hand into fine cheese specialities.

When it comes to the raw materials, the company consistently pays attention to the best quality, and throughout the entire production process, a mindful approach to resources is particularly important to the traditional company.

Whether semi-hard cheese, cream cheese preparations or antipasti specialities, with the sustainable product creations of DIE KÄSEMACHER you can enjoy the Waldviertel at its best day after day.


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Oliven gefüllt mit Frischkäsezubereitung mind. 45% Fett i. Tr. in Rapsöl.

Gekühlt (bei 4-7 °C) lagern, nach dem Öffnen alsbaldigst verbrauchen.

Zutaten: Zutaten: 47% Oliven, 44% Rapsöl, 9% Frischkäsezubereitung mind. 45% Fett i. Tr. (Frischkäse aus pasteurisierter KUH- und SCHAFMILCH, Speisesalz, Gewürze, Verdickungsmittel: Guarkernmehl, Konservierungsstoff: Kaliumsorbat).

Unter Schutzatmosphäre verpackt.

Kontaktdaten: Die Käsemacher GmbH, Europastraße 5, 3902 Vitis, Österreich, +43 2841 80045, office@kaesemacher.at

Nutritional values per 100 g

Energy value1215 kJ/292 kCal
Fats29 g
including saturated fatty acids11 g
Carbohydrates0.9 g
including sugars0.2 g
Protein8.5 g
Salt4.3 g
Fibre0 g


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