Kiri Cup

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Kiri Mug 150g

For more than 50 years, Kiri® has accompanied mothers and children in moments of shared enjoyment and contributed to a balanced diet. With its four simple ingredients, Kiri® Natur for spreading impresses with its typical fresh Kiri® taste, is particularly easy to spread and impresses young and old alike with its delicious creaminess!

The family treat that should never be missing from a tasty loaf!

Kiri® Natur for spreading is the enjoyable companion for breakfast, in the break box, for lunch or dinner and ideal for cooking, baking or on a delicious slice of bread! 

About the manufacturer:

The Bel Group, a French family business founded in 1865 and headquartered in Suresnes - France, is today a major player in dairy products and fruit snacks. International development is based on a portfolio of legendary brands such as Babybel®, La Vache Qui Rit®, Kiri®, Babybel®, Leerdammer® and Boursin®, which attract consumers all over the world. Bel Group products are produced in 30 factories worldwide and sold in over 130 countries. The motto "For All. For Good." has been leading the 12,400 employees in introducing a more sustainable and profitable business model since autumn 2019.

In the DACH region, Bel Deutschland GmbH, based in Grasbrunn near Munich and responsible for product distribution in Germany and Austria, is joined by Bel Suisse, based in Cham - Switzerland.


Average durability from the time of delivery: 48 days.

Guaranteed minimum durability from the time of delivery: 10 days.If the minimum durability is lower, please contact us and ask for a refund. Not applicable to items from the Save the Food section.

Schmelzkäsezubereitung aus Frischkäse.

Zutaten: FRISCHKÄSE (62%; davon 40% SAHNE), Wasser, BUTTER, Schmelzsalze: E452, E341, E330, E331, Speisesalz, LAKTOSE, Stabilisatoren: E407, E410.

Gekühlt (bei 4° - 8°C) lagern, nach dem öffnen innerhalb weniger Tage verbrauchen.

Fromageries Bel, Wehlistraße 27b/1/3/6, 1200 Wien, Österreich, +43(0)1 6154974–10,

Nutritional values per 100 g

Energy value1007 kJ/244 kCal
Fats24 g
including saturated fatty acids16 g
Carbohydrates2 g
including sugars2 g
Protein5 g
Salt1.3 g
Fibre0 g


Always check the allergens content on the product packaging before consumption.