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Radatz Classic Spare Ribs

approx 0.72 kg
cca € 7,17 € 9,99 /kg
Country: Austria,

1 piece of raw loin pareribs savoury spicy, marinated raw.


About the producer:

The family business Radatz - a Viennese institution - has been cultivating the butcher's craft for almost 60 years . Good taste, love of the craft, awareness of tradition and the unbroken striving to give the best every day are the hallmarks of the Viennese company.

Foresighted and responsible planning, sustainable relationships with suppliers and business partners as well as the employees and their further development were and are the basis for the success of the company. Production is carried out carefully according to traditionalover generations handed down recipes. That Tradition and innovation do not have to be a contradiction is proven by the Viennese family-owned company RADATZ since 1962. And you can taste it.


Packaging type:

Vacuum packed

Kitchen hygiene:

Kitchen hygiene is important: Maintain cold chain, store separately from other products, work cleanly, heat through before consumption!

Storage conditions:

Store refrigerated at 2-4°C



Radatz Feine Wiener Fleischwaren GmbH

Erlaaer Straße 187

1230 Vienna


Average durability from the time of delivery: 4 days.

Guaranteed minimum durability from the time of delivery: 2 days.If the minimum durability is lower, please contact us and ask for a refund. Not applicable to items from the Save the Food section.


Ingredients: pork spare ribs (92%), water, table salt, acidity regulator: E 325; rapeseed oil, spices, tomato paste, sugar, herbs, spice extracts.

Nutritional values per 100 g

Energy value876 kJ/211 kcal
Fats17 g
including saturated fatty acids7 g
Carbohydrates0.5 g
including sugars0 g
Protein14 g
Salt4.7 g
Fibre g


May contain traces of:
Always check the allergens content on the product packaging before consumption.