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Cheesupers Original Cheese Sticks

80 g
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Cheesupers Original Cheese Sticks 80g

Cheesupers Cheese Sticks are a healthy snack with a source of calcium and protein, making it a perfect addition to school lunches. It contains no preservatives or artificial colours. The sticks tear easily, making them fun to eat. Eating a Cheesupers cheese stick is the equivalent of drinking a glass of milk.


Tip: You can also make the sticks hot, in the form of crispy nuggets. For this recipe, you only need to use cheesupers, eggs, flour and breadcrumbs. When served this way, they go perfectly with jam or sauces.

About the manufacturer: 


Cheesupers are mozzarella cheese sticks, delicious and flexible. You can eat and play at the same time! One glass of milk is needed to make one cheese stick. Cheesupers are very healthy and rich in calcium. It is primarily a snack that can be eaten by everyone, from small to big. Have them at work, school or on a trip.


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