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Bull Beef Fillet Steaks

approx 0.53 kg
Dry Aged
cca € 37,19 € 69,99 /kg
Country: Austria,

The BULL BEEF® fillet steak is the supposedly noblest cut of Haller's bull. It is a highly sought-after cut, which makes up only 2% of the entire bull and is therefore often in short supply. The fillet steaks are cut from the middle piece of the lung roast. The 30-day maturing of the BULL BEEF® supports the natural tenderness of the lung roast.

In the maturing chamber, the fillet steaks are cut from the middle piece of the lung roast.

In the maturing chambers of the Bullinarium, the BULL BEEF® fillet steak is optimally matured for at least 30 days. The loss of liquid during this dry maturing process not only creates an intense and incomparable flavour, but also makes the meat tender and soft. HALLERS BULL BEEF® is treated with care, piece by piece, in every step of the process - just as it should be!



In addition to the classic steak, HALLERS BULL BEEF® fillet steak can also be happily wrapped as fillet Wellington or processed raw into beef tartare. No matter in which preparation form, the fillet steak is a real treat. From medium to rare, fillet steak can tolerate all cooking levels and can be prepared as desired.


About the producer:

Haller's BULL BEEF®, as it should be, comes directly from his own farm, the largest circular economy in Austria. For pioneer and veterinarian Christoph Haller, respect in dealing with animals and climate protection through circular economy are a matter of course.

Our bulls are fed with lots of grass and hay from the Ramsar protected area, are bedded on straw in the loose housing, and are of course all allowed to wear horns.

Only when our meat has matured optimally in the Bullinarium's own maturing chambers is BULL BEEF® created as it should be - without growth promoters and hormones, with natural marbling, without excessive fat storage and unique in taste.


The manure is converted into biogas, which is used to produce green electricity for more than 3,000 households at the on-farm power plant.

This not only neutralises the farm itself, but also the greenhouse gases caused by animals.



Packaging type:

Vacuum packed

Kitchen hygiene:

Kitchen hygiene is important: Maintain cold chain, store separately from other products, work cleanly, heat through before consumption!

Storage conditions:

Store refrigerated at 2-4°C



Haller GmbH

Gemeindestraße 30,

7411 Markt Allhau


Average durability from the time of delivery: 7 days.

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