Schärdinger Toast Cheese 45% in slices

150 g
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Country: Austria,
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Schärdinger Toast Cheese 45% in slices 150g.

Good for cheese platters, snacks and in combination with fruit.


Average durability from the time of delivery: 46 days.

Guaranteed minimum durability from the time of delivery: 5 days.If the minimum durability is lower, please contact us and ask for a refund. Not applicable to items from the Save the Food section.

Schnittkäse 45 % Fett i. Tr., aus pasteurisierter Milch. Dieses Produkt ist zum direkten Verzehr geeignet.

Gekühlt (bei max. 3-8 °C) lagern, nach dem Öffnen innerhalb weniger Tage verbrauchen.

Zutaten: MILCH, Salz, mikrobielles Lab, Festigungsmittel Calciumchlorid, Käsereikulturen.

Laktosefrei, unter Schutzatmosphäre verpackt.

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Nutritional values per 100 g

Energy value1404 kJ/338 kCal
Fats26 g
including saturated fatty acids17 g
Carbohydrates0 g
including sugars0 g
Protein26 g
Salt1.3 g
Fibre0 g


Always check the allergens content on the product packaging before consumption.