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Die Kohle-Manufaktur Premium barbecue briquettes

2.5 kg
€ 6,99 € 2,80 /kg
Country: Germany,

Premium barbecue briquettes


From now on, barbecuing reaches a new quality: With the premium barbecue briquettes from Die Kohle-Manufaktur, you get an honestly good product: starting with extraction and refinement to production and distribution.

Our premium barbecue briquettes are real jewels" for barbecue fans. Not only because the purity level of 80% carbon is very high and comes close to those of diamonds (100% carbon). The quality and the excellent properties speak for the pure and above all long barbecue pleasure. 

  • Up to 4.5 hours burning time
  • smoke-free lighting
  • low flying sparks
  • even heat distribution
  • Made in Germany




Carbon, vegetable food starch